As your Project Manager and Construction Consultant  I am committed to providing you with access to the finest Firms and Individuals in the industry. We will assemble an efficient and comprehensive lineup of professionals ensuring that your project comes to life and performs for you for a long time to come.

Some of Our Strategic Partners…

Kirkor Architects and Planners

Kirkor Architects and Planners is committed to Quality Architecture and recognized for Great Design Solutions. Bolstered by decades of impactful design experience that marries form and function, the style creators at Kirkor are breaking through to a greater future with a maturing design style that benefits both clients and the public at large.

Dedicated to providing the serviceable, creative strategies that their clients require for community, lifestyle, recreation and the environment, including developing sustainable architecture.

Duenas European Kitchens

Duenas is an emerging new resource for the Construction & Renovation Industry in Canada.  They offer  kitchen and vanity cabinets, engineered and natural stone. Duenas is highly conscious of our environment and they are strong believers that the course of our actions now will make a difference in the future.

Duenas Kitchens represents the most innovative, contemporary and traditional high-quality kitchen cabinet companies in Canada. Product quality and excellence during installation is the foundation of their business. They ensure that every piece that is fabricated and installed meets our quality guidelines; all of their products carry a life time guaranty.

Duenas European Kitchens is committed to providing their clients with exceptional customer service. They have developed a reputation in the marketplace for “caring” about their client’s needs.


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