Assessment, Renovation & Construction Consulting Services

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Whether working on a Personal Injury Claim with Plaintiffs Counsel or building a custom home for your family…I approach every project with a focus on the  client. I maintain that it is immensely important for the Expert/Project Manager and the client to like each other…first.

If my client and I feel like we can spend the next 6 months together working on what may be at times difficult issues, and enjoy the process then we will be more likely to have a positive outcome.

A positive outcome both in terms of the finished product and also in terms of our ongoing relationship. 

When working on Personal Injury or Medical Malpractise cases my focused series of Assessments and Reports are designed to resolve a housing/workplace issue.  The claimant is the focus, our responsibilities are to ensure that they recieve fair compensation and appropriate living/working facilities.

Whether modifying a home for a person with an acquired disability or constructing a custom home for our client the process must be enjoyable.  The “technical” is serious…but we need not be tense and uptight about it.  Architects and Engineers will tell us how to get it done.  I will ensure the trades follow their instructions. The client only need sit back and watch…and enjoy.
For over twenty years, I have been assessing, modifying, renovating and constructing unique and innovative homes as well as highly technical commercial and institutional spaces and structures.  Each project is handled with unique perspective and integrity.

Ingenuity, integrity, a strong social connection with my client, a strong grip on the latest in technology and exceptional visuospatial skills are my strong points.

I build relationships first, then together we will build or reconstruct your space.

Assessment, Reporting & Expert Testimony  

As a recognized expert in the housing needs of individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries, Acquired Brain Injuries and other disabilities I have testified, provided expert opinion and reports at Trials, Mediations and Arbitrations.  In trials that I have been involved in as an expert, where other experts have testified as well, my opinions and solutions have been endorsed by Judges and Arbitrators, over the the opinions and solutions provided by others.linkedin3

My unique style and method of communication is engaging and well recieved, both by the claimant as well as Legal Counsel.  My reports are extremely detailed while still being “user friendly”.

While attempting to settle an unusually large claim, in an ADR format, our reports were used by both Plaintiffs and Defence Counsel.  Both lawyers and their assistants agreed that “If it werent for your reports and your assistance here today Mitch, this settlement would not have been possible”.

Renovation & Construction Consulting

This unique service is designed for those who would like to have an experienced and knowledgeable construction expert to act as an adviser, liaison and even as an advocate.  In this capacity I will:

  • Assist in the interview process when trying to short list and eventually retain a Project Manager or Construction Company to undertake your project.
  • Review and assist in making changes to any drawings and contract documents during the construction process, ensuring a smooth and “on budget” project.
  • Carry out periodic site visits and review the work being carried out by all trades in order to ensure that the work being done is in accordance with the building code and the drawings and specifications detailed in the construction plans.
  • Act as an advocate on your behalf should a dispute arise. I will mediate and work to minimize any down time and ensure that you are treated fairly and in accordance with all applicable laws and statutes.


Project Management

When your project needs to be completed….on budget, on time and without compromise. My project management services ensure a transparent budget, will keep the owner in control of all of the details and perhaps most importantly will guarantee that the workmanship of all trades is up to your standards and ours.

ricardoWhen employed as a Project Manager I will bring to your project as many trades and suppliers as is necessary to ensure that your labour and material costs are kept within your budget without compromising on the quality of the finished product.

During the construction process my role as a Project Manager can be seen as similar to that of the conductor of  symphony orchestra, or the director on a Hollywood movie set.  My intimate knowledge of all aspects of renovation and construction becomes crucial.  I will coordinate the process from the initial design phase to the very last clean up.  In short I will be the “Point Person” for all questions, changes and day to day business.

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