Wheel Chair Accessible Home

As the Home Modifications Expert retaind by Paul Wilkins of PW Lawyers in Toronto, we were tasked with preparing our Home Safety & Accessibility Assesment for a woman who had become a Quadriplegic in a Motor Vehicle Accident. The woman and her family owned and resided in their home in Scarborough Ontario.

Subsequent to submitting our completed Assesment/Reports the Accident Benefits Insurer, the family and the Plaintiffs Law Firm approved our plans and we were then awarded the project described in our reports.

We began to convert the 1 1/2 Story home to a fully wheelchair accessible 2 story home.  This home is now complete with a 4 stop elevator with direct access from the garage into the home.  All bathrooms, kitchen and spaces within this home are accessible to the user, who is confined to a power wheelchair a a result of her injuries.  The woman and her family moved in to their fully accessible home and continue to reside there today.

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