As an integral and important member of the team of experts utilized by Strype Barristers on this monumental case, we would like to congratulate Mr. Jeff Strype and his team on this important settlement. 

We were assigned the difficult task of attending at the home of a young woman who was so severely brain injured that she was unable to walk and carry out her activities of daily living in her home, as she was able to prior to this devastating injury. Our assignment was to assess the home and provide our expert opinion in our Home Safety & Accessibility Assessment/Report as to whether the claimant could return home to live and rehabilitate, if the home required accessibility modifications or if in fact the family would be required to relaocate to a home more suitably designed and built, to meet the needs of the claimant. Our findings and recommendations were detailed in our reports and our conclusion was that a new home would need to be “purpose built” to meet the needs of this young woman and her family. The cost to construct this home was to be in excess of 1.5 million dollars. 

Our findings and opinions were detailed and expressed in our reports and submitted by Strype Barristers as an “Expert Opinion” report along with the many other medical and rehabilitation reports contained in their submissions for settlement or trial. The outcome achieved by Mr. Strype and his team of legal professionals speaks for itself. 21 million dollars. The money will be used to ensure this unfortunate young woman has appropriate housing and rehabilitation services to assist her in her long journey. 

We wish the claimant and her family only good things fom now on. And to Jeff Strype and his team at Strype Barristers we offer our hand in congratulations on a most remarkable outcome. 

 Strype Barristers Wins Landmark 21 Million Dollar Settlement


An (approximately) 2 inch x 3 inch “PEEK” at a much larger piece of original art by Sparaco
Michael Sparaco: Artist/Curator/Owner at iCandy Gallery in Toronto Canada 
2017 Avenue Road in one of Toronto’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

Click HERE to be taken to a wonderful gallery of fresh, original, hand, and even custom made modern abstract art.

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